Juice drinks 

Juice drinks

Squeeze more from your products 

Consumers are looking for juice drinks with reduced sugars and calories, and increased vitamin content. Competition in this market centres around the health and purity claims of juices, versus the convenience and economy of fruit-flavoured still drinks. Wherever you’re positioned, we’ll sharpen your competitive edge.

Your challenges 

  • ‘How can I make my juice drinks even more appealing to consumers?’
  •  ‘What’s the next big trend and how can we make the most of it?’
  • ‘Are there opportunities we haven’t thought of?’
  • ‘How can we cut costs without cutting down on quality?

Our solutions

Your priorities drive our products and services. Here are just some ways we’re giving our juice drinks customers the Tate & Lyle advantage.

  • Innovation

    Accelerate your speed to market when developing new, innovative and distinctive juice drinks. >>
    Our CREATE™ formulation service helps you design products with exciting new tastes and textures. We work alongside you in all key product development phases. We act as your creative ideas lab, where you can discuss market trends, preview the latest technical innovations and be inspired by our own product concepts.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Cranberry drink CREATE™
  • Fruity Fun Drink CREATE™
  • Pourable Frozen Lemonade Concentrate CREATE™
  • Natural sweetening

    Make a difference with 'natural'* sweetener options that provide great quality sweetness. >>


    • Use our zero-calorie sweeteners from natural source: TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener or PUREFRUIT™, extracted from monk fruit. High quality sweetness, and a great offer to consumers.
    • Choose KRYSTAR®, FRUCTOPURE® Fructose or acidulants (citric acid and malic acid) for an enhanced, consistent fruity flavour.
    • Improve the overall taste of low-calorie juice drinks sweetened with natural
      high intensity sweeteners, with ingredients that enhance mouthfeel.

    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):

  • Multifruit Nectar CREATE™
  • Orange Smoothie REBALANCE™
  • Blackberry Grape Drink REBALANCE™
    *natural status subject to local regulation or guidance
  • No added sugar

    Give your consumers no-added-sugar juice drinks with a high quality, well-rounded sweetness. >>
    Sweeteners offer a great tasting option for replacing sugars and/or calories. Make no sugar added products by using SPLENDA® Sucralose, TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener or PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Multifruit Nectar CREATE™
  • Orange Smoothie REBALANCE™
  • Lemonade REBALANCE™ No Sugar Added
  • Cranberry Strawberry Drink REBALANCE™
  • Sugar and calorie reduction

    Meet consumer demand for reduced-calorie juice drinks without compromising taste or mouthfeel. >>

    Our sweeteners offer a great-tasting way to replace sugars and/or calories. We can replace part or all of the sugars with SPLENDA® Sucralose, TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener, PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract, KRYSTAR® or FRUCTOPURE® Fructose.

    Our research into how fructose works with other sweeteners has given us plenty
    of options to reduce calories while keeping a full-calorie mouthfeel.
    These include:

    • Partially replacing sugar with fructose
    • Using a combination of KRYSTAR® or FRUCTOPURE®  Fructose and SPLENDA® Sucralose

    And we can correct any loss of body or mouthfeel with STA-LITE® Polydextrose and/or PROMITOR™ Dietary Fiber.

    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):

  • Orange Juice Drink REBALANCE™
  • Pomegranate-grape Juice Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Sour Plum Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Cost optimisation

    Manage cost challenges without changing the mouthfeel, sweetness or quality of your juice drinks. >>
    Our formulation experts can reduce the amount of sweetener added to your juice drinks by up to 50%, by using SPLENDA® Sucralose and/or KRYSTAR®, FRUCTOPURE® Fructose. The drink retains its original taste, you save costs on the recipe – and your consumers enjoy a lower calorie option.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Pomegranate Grape Juice Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Orange Juice Drink OPTIMIZE™ Plus
  • Guava tea lemonade OPTIMIZE™
  • Orange Juice Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Sour Plum Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Cranberry juice Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Fibre enrichment

    Give your products the fibre boost consumers are looking for without adversely affecting your products' texture or appeal. >>
    Some consumers are concerned about the loss of fibre when juice is extracted from fruit.  Now you can achieve 'good' or 'excellent' source of fibre claims with PROMITOR™ Dietary Fiber or STA-LITE® Polydextrose. They’re easily soluble,
    and do not add unwanted flavours or colours to the juice drinks.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Quince Apple Drink ENRICH™
  • Blueberry Acerola juice ENRICH™
  • Apple Juice Drink ENRICH™
  • Orange Tropical Juice Drink ENRICH™
  • Product design

    Make your juice drinks stand out from the crowd with custom-designed textures and fruit pulp suspensions. >>
    We customise hydrocolloid systems to enhance the texture of juices and to suspend fruit pulp.

    We can also use REDITEX® and BINASOL®15 to replace fruit pulp in nectars, in accordance with local regulations.
  • Juice drinks essentials

    Make your juice drinks with staple ingredients that we can supply to many parts of the world. >>


    • Our ISOSUGAR™ and ISOSWEET® high fructose syrup ranges offer sweetness and stability. They also bring out the fruitiness of your drink.
    • Use our GLUCAMYL™ Glucose syrups to give that little extra body to nectars and concentrates, economically and effectively.
    • For sharp citrus notes or subtle overtones, fortification or pH control, make use of our range of acidulants and speciality citrates. 
    • Keep flavour systems more stable
      Our range of emulsifying modified food starches are designed to ensure the optimal stability of your beverage emulsions.
Beverage Innovation Awards 2011

Quince apple ENRICH™ drink

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