Energy and alcoholic drinks 

Energy and alcoholic drinks

Expertise on tap 

Energy and alcoholic drinks manufacturers compete in a dynamic market, characterised by increasing demand for functionality and reduced-calorie options. Our products and know-how will give your drinks that vital distinctive edge.

Your challenges 

  • ‘How can we reduce the calorie count of our drinks without affecting their appeal?’
  • ‘What’s the next big trend and how can we make the most of it?’
  • ‘Are there opportunities we haven’t thought of?’
  • ‘How can we cut costs without cutting down on quality?’

Our solutions

Your priorities drive our products and services. Here are just some ways
we’re giving our customers the Tate & Lyle advantage.

  • Cost optimisation

    Manage cost challenges on your drinks' sweetening systems. >>
    Our formulation experts create great solutions for reducing the cost of sweeteners, by partially replacing sugar with sucralose.

    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Rum and Cola Drink OPTIMIZE™
  • Sweetener Optimized Lime Magarita Mixer OPTIMIZE™
  • Shandy OPTIMIZE™
  • Sugar and calorie reduction

    Meet consumer demand for low or no-calorie energy or alcoholic drinks that taste great. >>
    Our sweeteners offer a great-tasting way to replace sugars and/or calories.

    We can reduce the calorific content of your drink while maintaining sweetness,
    by replacing part of your drinks’ sugar content with KRYSTAR® or
    FRUCTOPURE® Fructose.

    We can also help you develop Diet/Zero calorie drinks with our zero-calorie sweeteners from natural source: TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener or PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Energy Drink REBALANCE™
  • Rum & Cola Drink REBALANCE™
  • Double Mangosteen Energy Shot REBALANCE™
  • Natural sweetening

    Make a difference with ‘natural’ sweetener options that provide great quality sweetness. >>


    • Use our zero-calorie sweeteners from natural source: TASTEVA™ Stevia Sweetener or PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract. High quality sweetness, and a great offer to consumers.
  • Product design

    Make your drinks stand out from the crowd, and create brand loyalty, with high quality functional products. >>
    Provide quick energy release:
    • Our ingredients DEXSTAR® or MERISWEET™ Dextrose, used in combination with sugar, provide a source of fast, immediate energy for the body.
    Design the right taste for your drink:
    • Sucralose helps to mask bitter active ingredients.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Double Mangosteen Energy Shot REBALANCE™
  • Fibre enrichment

    Give your products the fibre boost consumers are looking for, without adversely affecting your products' texture or consumer appeal. >>
    You can add fibre to your drinks with PROMITOR™ Dietary Fiber or STA-LITE® Polydextrose. They’re available in liquid form, easily soluble and do not add unwanted flavours or colours to the drinks.
    Check out some of our concepts (pdf downloads):
  • Chocolate Fiber Shots ENRICH™
  • Energy and alcoholic drinks essentials

    Make your energy or alcoholic drinks with stable ingredients that we can supply to many parts of the world. >>
    Our corn syrups, and glucose and dextrose syrups, are often used as brewing sugars in beer production. Their different degrees of fermentability help brewers extend brewing capacity, control fermentation, improve product stability and
    control costs.
    • Dextrose is used as an energy source for fermentation in low-calorie beers
      and fruit wines
    • Maltodextrins aid in making full-bodied low-alcohol beer
    • Corn sugar and high fructose syrups are efficient sweeteners in liquor

Energy milk bases

Tate & Lyle has unmatched expertise in the development of  flavoured systems, extensive knowledge of hydrocolloids and manufacturing capabilities. We create complete energy milk bases for you, while our creative product development specialists can develop exciting new flavours for your consumers.
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Did you know?

Sucralose is a great sweetener for alcoholic drinks.
Rum and cola drink OPTIMIZE™

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Rum and cola drink OPTIMIZE™