Physiological benefits 

PROMITOR™ Dietary Fibre

Growing evidence with PROMITOR® 

Tate & Lyle was the first company to introduce soluble corn fiber to the food ingredients industry, with our line of PROMITOR® Dietary Fibres back in 2007.

Our nutrition specialists have long worked with scientists at top universities and research organisations to investigate and substantiate the health effects of PROMITOR® Dietary Fibres.
Their findings are extremely interesting for beverage manufacturers wishing to increase their brand appeal and expand their reach in the fast-growing category of healthily positioned beverages.
Our clinical research programme builds on current science to substantiate health claims in the areas of gut health, weight management and healthy ageing.

Here some examples of clinical studies on Soluble Corn Fiber.

  • PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber has prebiotic properties

    Vester Boler et al. British Journal of Nutrition. Epub ahead of print May 31, 2011. >>
    21 grams of PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber 70 was fed to 21 men for 3 weeks and compared to a no-fibre control treatment.
    Gas, intestinal comfort and multiple stool measurements, including gut bacteria amount, were observed.
    • PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber produced some mild intestinal symptoms compared to a no-fibre control, but all tolerance scores were low. Stool weight increased over control treatment.
    • Levels of good bacteria (bifidobacterium) had increased in the stool, demonstrating a positive prebiotic effect.
    • Improvements were found in several faecal chemistry markers of gut health compared to the no-fibre control.
    Consumer relevance
    PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber 70 may improve gut health and is well tolerated.  
  • PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber improves bowel function

    Timm et al. FASEB J. 2011, 25, 587.3. >>
    20 grams of PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber was fed to 36 people for 10 days.

    Stools were collected throughout the last five days of treatment.

    • Soluble Corn Fiber increased stool weight from an average of 125 g/day to 157 g/day.
    • There was no effect on stool transit time.
    Consumer relevance
    Stool weight is an important marker of bowel function and laxation. PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber has a positive impact on stool weight and therefore bowel function.
  • PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber has a low glycaemic response

    Kendall et al., Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2008; 27:711-8. >>
    25 grams of PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber 70, or Resistant Starch 60, or glucose in a drink (as a control), was given to 12 people on separate occasions.

    Blood sugar and insulin were repeatedly tested over two hours.

    Both products provided a lower rise in blood glucose over 120 minutes after drinking each test drink, compared to glucose.
  • Chart glycemic response (pdf)
  • Consumer relevance
    These products may be used in foods intended to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
PROMITOR™ does it all!

Beverage manufacturers: aiming to increase the health benefits and reduce the sugar and calorie content of your products? PROMITOR® does it all!

PROMITOR® is a low-calorie fibre source often used to replace nutritive sweeteners such as sugar. It can also be used in combination with a non-nutritive sweetener, such as SPLENDA® Sucralose, for added sweetness.

PROMITOR™ Dietary Fibre