MALTOSWEET™ Maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups


Premium MALTOSWEET™ for your infant formulae, clinical nutrition and more 

The products in our MALTOSWEET™ range are maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups made in the EU from non-GM dent and waxy maize, with a Dextrose Equivalent ranging from 6 to 42. They are available in powder and granular (agglomerated) forms for use in different food and beverage applications, including sports drinks, infant formulae, powdered drinks and more.

In MALTOSWEET™ agglomerated powders the average particle size is increased to improve the flow properties and reduce dusting. The ‘open grape’ structure ensures optimal mechanical stability and dissolution speed. The choice between standard or agglomerated powder will depend on the required handling and application characteristics.

MALTOSWEET™ Maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups


Infant formulae, dry and liquid
At Tate & Lyle, we understand that no consumer is more fragile than an infant.
Our investment in quality management systems, our people and patented technology ensures we achieve the highest possible quality standards for our MALTOSWEET™ range, suitable for infant and follow-up formulae.

Infant formulae are carefully balanced to meet the specific dietary needs of babies.  Maltodextrins are an ideal carbohydrate source for use in modified milks and other infant foods.

 MALTOSWEET™ provides easily assimilated energy, a neutral clean taste, low sweetness, control of osmotic pressure, high purity and well controlled mineral content, good solubility even at low temperatures, low hygroscopicity and better dispersion in dry mixes.  It is safe to be applied in both liquid and dry infant food applications.

It is offered in powder and granular (agglomerated) forms, and with a DE value ranging from 6DE to 30DE.

Clinical nutrition
For clinical foods, the delivery of a highly purified carbohydrate source is a key factor. MALTOSWEET™ can be selected for a variety of dietetic and enteral foods, based on the most appropriate osmolality for energy enrichment.
Powdered drinks
In dry mix beverages, MALTOSWEET™ is highly stable to mechanical damage during mixing. It reduces the formation of dust during production and its high dispersability ensures the powdered beverage dissolves quickly when added to water or milk.

Sports drinks
For athletes and energy drink formulators, MALTOSWEET™ Maltodextrins are the superior solution, providing the ideal balance of carbohydrate profile and osmolality.