PROMITOR® Soluble Gluco Fibre

PROMITOR™ Soluble Gluco Fibre

Choose a consumer friendly, cost-effective fibre solution 

Consumers are concerned about a lack of fibre in their diets. In fact, 40% of European consumers rated fibre as an important benefit when purchasing products – and 72% are willing to pay extra for fibre-enriched products*.

But until now, it’s been tough to boost the fibre content of foods and beverages while maintaining tolerance and offering a consumer-friendly label.

The solution?

PROMITOR® Soluble Gluco Fibre 70L: an easy-to-use soluble fibre that helps to boost fibre, and reduce total sugars and calories, in a wide range of food and drink applications.

PROMITOR® Soluble Gluco Fibre 70L

  •  A fibre with beneficial physiological effects
  • Shows prebiotic properties and increases fecal bulking, which helps to maintain digestive health
  • A fibre with multiple labelling options, including the consumer-friendly “soluble gluco fibre”
  • Very well tolerated (65g/day or 40g/intake)
  • Caloric content of 1.85 Kcal/g on commercial products
  • A fibre content of around 70 per cent, and a sugar content of around 10 per cent, in its dry form
  • A syrup with flow properties similar to a 30DE glucose syrup – which helps you maintain a predictable product texture
  • Low colour and clean taste, so it works in delicate colour and flavour systems
  • Excellent process and acid stability, even in low pH systems, so fibre content is maintained throughout manufacturing and on the shelf.

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*Harris Interactive, Tate & Lyle Ingredient Perception Study, 2009